Doreen - NeuroRehab - 24-04-13The Artroom project at Woodend Hospital started at the end of 2010 across the rehabilitation unit’s stroke, neurology and orthopaedic wards.  It expanded to wards 15, 16 and 17 in 2013. We view the people who attend the sessions not just as patients but as artists and work in ways that encourage creative and personal development.  Many participants have lost the ability to make the basic decisions that we all take for granted and the art sessions give back a level of control.  It’s about choosing images, colours and media to create a piece of art. The art sessions also enable family interaction. It is wonderful to watch a family group working together – laughing, painting, Dianereminiscing and communicating through art. One relative spoke about how animated her mother becomes as she speaks of her time at the Artroom, discussing her painting and planning what she is going to do the following week. We are grateful to Creative Scotland who funded the pilot project. Also to Morningfield Association, The Friends of Woodend and to Woodend NHS Grampian Endowment. For 2014 we received funding from businesses – Subsea 7 and Transocean, which ensured we could keep the project going.

Transocean Onshore Support Services Ltd

Subsea 7

NHS Grampian Endowments

Morningfield Association