Over the months of March and April, GHAT hosted student Laura Tavendale as an intern in partnership with and funded by the University of Aberdeen.  Here is what she had to say about her experience working with us.

The GHAT internship captured my attention because of its unique position as an arts-in-health organisation. I was drawn to the central idea that improving hospital environments with art can help people feel better. I have a background in design but decided to study Psychology with the hopes of building a career based on supporting others. This made the GHAT internship an appealing opportunity because it combined both my interest in art and my desire to support others through difficult times. 

During the internship, I got the opportunity to work with the Collections team, the Exhibitions team, and Artroom. I thoroughly enjoyed the variety, and I learnt so much about the behind the scenes of an arts-in-health organisation. The environment at GHAT is warm and encouraging so I felt free to get stuck in and have a go at all these things I had never done before. I found Artroom particularly rewarding and loved being there to listen to the people who needed it. Being a part of Artroom has also reignited my own passion for art, seeing how therapeutic art can be for others has reminded me how much I enjoy creating and how positive it is for my mental health.  

Overall, my experience with the GHAT internship has been wonderful. I have gained so much confidence in my own skills and feel motivated and excited to keep working in similar roles. I have been asked to stay on as a cover artist for Artroom and was delighted to accept, I am looking forward to continuing my experience with GHAT. 

Image credit – Andy Keith, University of Aberdeen