* Who manages TSAS?
Grampian Hospital Arts Trust (GHAT) manages TSAS. GHAT is an independent art and health organisation which exists to enhance the wellbeing and experience of all who spend time in NHS Grampian hospitals, whether patients, visitors or staff.  We achieve this by promoting the enjoyment of, and participation in, high-quality artistic activity alongside the provision of a sympathetic and pleasing environment. Though usually based in ARI, our staff are currently working from home, and our program of activities is currently restricted due to Covid-19.

* What is the purpose of TSAS?
The Suttie Arts Space was built with a primary role as a place to enjoy art and to enjoy time out from the medical environment. Full details can be found here

* What are TSAS’s opening hours?
TSAS is open 24 hours during exhibitions periods.

* Who can access TSAS?  
Currently, only users of ARI – patients, staff and visitors. Under normal circumstances, TSAS would host workshops and events to the public.

* Can I exclusively book TSAS for a team meeting?
Unfortunately no. TSAS is open to all onsite 24/7, therefore cannot be booked. This is to ensure that everyone onsite can have access to the space.

* How many people can visit TSAS at one time? 
The maximum capacity of TSAS is 15.  As with everywhere in the hospital, visitors need to adhere to social distancing rules when visiting the gallery. Currently, there are 9 seats in the main gallery space which safely allows for passing places that enables up to 3 visitors to walk around the gallery to enjoy the artworks while others are seated. To the left-hand side of the gallery where the MRI scanner is positioned, there is space for two seated and one standing. Please adhere to instructions as per the displayed signage and keep left when entering & leaving the gallery.

* Is TSAS supervised?  
Currently, the TSAS is unsupervised due to covid-19. All users are asked to use the space responsibly and help us keep it open for everyone by reporting anything unusual to GHAT via email at gram.hospitalsarttrust@nhs.scot.

* Can I eat my lunch in the gallery?  
Yes, of course. Please however leave the gallery as you found it & dispose of any rubbish.

* How regularly is the gallery cleaned?  
NHSG cleaners access TSAS three times per day.

* Can I move the furniture? 
Yes, please ensure you are 2 metres from other visitors at all times while also keeping walkways clear. Before you leave TSAS, we kindly ask that you put the table & seats back to their original spot as indicated by the floor vinyl.

* Does TSAS ever close?  
Yes, TSAS closes around once per quarter for two weeks while the gallery is changed over. From time to time, we may shut the gallery for a few hours to allow for deep cleaning, or any other activities required to deliver our full program of activities.

* Can my staff get access to the TSAS office?  
Unfortunately not. GHAT staff continue to work in the office when unable to work from home. When not in use, the office is locked for security and health and safety reasons.

* I have a query about TSAS, who do I talk to?  
Please email us on gram.hospitalsarttrust@nhs.scot with “TSAS Query” in the subject header.


* Where can I find keys to the gallery? 
Keys are not required to access the gallery as it is open 24/7.

* Can I use TSAS for regular team meetings?  
TSAS is open to everyone, and there’s not a booking system for exclusive access. If you do use TSAS for a meeting be aware that there may be others using the space at the same time as you so social distancing rules and the maximum capacity will need to be adhered to.