29th October – 16th December

Paolo Doyle (b. 1963) is a Scottish artist living and working near Collieston on the north-east coast. HIs work is figurative, imaginative, and aims to engender contemporary narratives while maintaining traditional disciplines of observation, draughtsmanship and craft.

A graduate of Gray’s School of Art and the University of Aberdeen, he spent the first half of his adult working life as an ecologist, studying wildlife, particularly birds. He now devotes his time to making art and occasionally teaching. He has exhibited widely in this country and abroad.

“The world existed before us and will exist after us, in spite of us. The rocks with which we build our houses are millions of years old, and will be around for millions of years more. Our lifespans are short, but the traces, marks and objects we make remain long after we have gone, taking on new purposes. In Orkney, where many of the paintings in this exhibition are set, there are signs of previous lifetimes everywhere; some from many generations past.”

All work is for sale and available to buy in The GHAT Shop.