The paintings within this exhibition are indicative of the strength of unique artworks commissioned and collected by Grampian Hospitals Art Trust (GHAT) over the past 30 years.

Within the GHAT Art Collection, we have painting work and print work by established national artists, and often show these works alongside each other to communicate the difference in approach between printing and painting practice. Some of the artists we have collected in the earlier years of GHAT, Neil Gall for example, have gone on to develop their arts practice in different ways, working predominantly in other mediums.

It’s exciting for us to follow the careers of artists we have previously worked with or collected, and at times, re-visit previous works that exemplify the strength and commitment of those we have supported in the past.

Over 4000 artworks are on rotational display across all NHS Grampian locations. For each exhibition hang, NHS staff, and sometimes patients and visitors, are invited to come and see, discuss, and select artwork to be hung in specific departments.

The exhibition runs from 17th February to 13th May.