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Image credit (top banner): Graeme Roger, Lucie Treacher, Chris Lee and Lynne Strachan ‘All About People’
Image credit (above): Rachel McClure

Friends of GHAT

Our ‘Friends of Grampian Hospitals Art Trust’ has been a long established supporter programme over the years and we have been hugely grateful to our friends who have remained loyal supporters.

We are looking to grow our Friends group and are reaching out to the Grampian Community to make a regular donation of £35 for individuals each year to support Grampian Hospitals Art Trust’s work.

Be a part of the difference we can achieve for the patients and NHS staff of Grampian.

Benefits to you


An exclusive Supporters pin

A badge of honour for you to wear with pride

Annual specially designed gifts

such as car stickers, fridge magnets

Invitations to curated led art events

such as launches, talks, exhibitions where you will have the opportunity to meet other Supporters of Grampian Hospitals Art Trust

Regular newsletter

about our current and future projects

Be a Friend

Join the GHAT family and help us do more for those who need it most.

The Friends of GHAT are administered by the Friends of Grampian Hospitals Arts Trust Committee. Our dedicated committee organise funding events and manage your subscription. Once you sign up they will be in touch.

Image credit (background): Anna Shirron

I am a Friend of GHAT so that I can increase the awareness of the fantastic work the charity does and help raise much needed funds to allow the organisation to run so many amazing projects.

Sam Murray

“Goodwill to men” emblazoned across the somewhat austere entrance to the Maternity Hospital and decorated gaudily with the Christmas message was both witty and welcoming, helping to ease my anxieties about the imminent birth of my own daughter. At that time the endless institutional hospital corridors had blank walls crying out for pictures of all sorts to enhance the environment for patients, visitors and staff. Today, through the efforts of GHAT, our hospitals are much more welcoming with art of all descriptions around every corner and with quiet spaces to view and even create more pictures.

As a patient in the Children’s Hospital, I had both seen and added to the artwork in the ward. From my childhood onward I have always enjoyed not only drawing and painting but all forms of creative art. Being totally absorbed in these activities, so far removed from my day job, was good for my soul allowing me to put the worries of the day into a proper perspective as well as providing paintings or tapestries to mark the passage of the years.

Our hospitals have been transformed and patients and staff have welcomed the changes. Being a small part of GHAT has been time well spent.

Joan Catto

Like most visitors to our hospitals I enjoyed the varied artworks on the walls and corridors without giving any thought about who put them there. It was only through my membership of the Aberdeen Artists’ Society that I discovered the professionalism of a small, dedicated group called the Hospitals Arts Trust. Luckily I knew several of those involved and, after making enquiries, was astonished to find that they had not only built up a wonderful collection of artworks but also were carrying out brilliant creative sessions with patients through their Artroom project.

Anyone – patient, visitor or staff – who appreciates the efforts made by the Trust cannot fail to be impressed by the valuable work they do and be willing to support them. I could not enjoy the visual and intellectual lift I get when visiting hospitals now without thinking of the hard work going on behind the scenes by the Arts Trust.

That is why I was happy to become a Friend.

Gordon Henry

I have been aware of Grampian Hospitals Art Trust since its inception many years ago. Most of my career was spent working in ARI, Woodend Hospital and other Healthcare settings in the area so I can remember an era when the buildings and wards were clinically stark with no decorations save the odd plaque reminding patients and staff of benefactors from the past. The appearance of large murals, paintings, the creation of the gallery with exhibitions and events and a team certainly made my journeys round the buildings more interesting and added another dimension for patients and families or, at least, those who cared to appreciate the variety of artworks on the walls.

Being interested in creative arts, myself, and understanding how these could promote wellbeing for staff and patients alike, the ethos of the organisation appealed to me and I, therefore, joined the “Friends” when I retired in order to keep in touch with the many developments happening In GHAT.

Kathleen Sinclair