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With your help, we can keep art at the heart of our NHS Grampian hospitals.

Help us make sure that North East patients, their families and NHS workers continue to benefit from art in hospitals.

Grampian Hospitals Art Trust (GHAT) is a charity that supports the wellbeing of all who need to access care in hospitals and community. We champion the idea that ART IS GOOD FOR YOU and can relieve the stress and anxiety of being in hospital.

Our work helps patients feel cared for, staff feel valued and visitors feel comforted.

Image credit (top banner): John Walter ‘Co-Factors’

On one of the toughest days of my life, I managed to focus on the art which gave me a chance to collect my thoughts and gather the strength to keep fighting. 
Sarah Watt

Maternity patient

Image credit: Rachel McClure

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How your donations make a difference

Grampian Hospitals Art Trust is an independent charity closely linked with NHS Grampian. How we raise funds and how we use our money can be found at OSCR page: OSCR | Charity Details.

Image credit (background): Kinga Elliott

Other ways to support GHAT

Grampian Hospitals Art Trust is a charitable organisation which supports the wellbeing of all who need to access care in hospitals. Our donors, volunteers and supporters make this possible and we’re hugely grateful to every single one of them.

Leave a gift in your will

By writing a will you can ensure that things you value most are cared for after you have gone. Not many people know they can leave as little as a 1% gift in their will – which can still make a huge difference to us. Please consider remembering Grampian Hospitals Art Trust SCIO SC016910.

    A one-off donation

    We are extremely grateful for every donation we receive – it all makes a difference. Sending a one-off donation is as simple as clicking the link below.

      Why support Grampian Hospitals Art Trust?

      Your support ensures we can deliver art at the bed side and assist the NHS staff who care for them.

      With your help we can provide specially trained artists for vulnerable people and create calming and empathic surroundings using fabulous design and specially made art.

      Access to the arts whilst in hospital supports quality of life, it brings joy and fun in what can be an anxious time for the whole family.

      We are also developing new ways to help people with art in hospitals within  our rural communities and for people who are experiencing poor mental health from the isolation and effects of the pandemic.

      Image credit (background): John Walter ‘Co-Factors’

      You can’t panic and paint, breathing is a struggle and to stop panicking I paint and at the end of it you have a painting.

      Artroom participant

      The impact YOU make to GHAT

      Artroom in the Neurology Department

      Raised annually for projects for patients visitors and staff

      Supported the distribution of the collection and support new calming designs in our hospitals

      Art Packs

      Individual Artroom participants during COVID restrictions (usually around 1500)

      Artroom projects covering 15 ward spaces

      Artroom - Group and 1-2-1 sessions during COVID restrictions (usually 800)

      ‘All About People’ exhbition, Suttie Arts Space

      Events hosted in 2021 despite covid

      Visitors access the Small gallery on busy weekdays

      Visitors to the Suttie Arts Space annually each year

      Graeme Roger filming Yvette Bathgate for Creative Mobile Unit


      Artists and creative contractors