If you are wondering why this exhibition is titled “Somewhere Between” then think on longer. It’s simply refers to my art as being somewhere between printmaking and sculpture. An infusion of both two and three dimensionality.

I employ a highly mathematical approach to my work, creating forms of precision and exactitude. The counterbalance of curved and straight lines reveal how I both anchor and liberate form from the abstract entity that is the number.

The doctrine attributed to Pythagoras was “all things are numbers.”

This doctrine has directed my artistic output for the past 6 years. It has focussed upon me that art might be found within numbers. However, within my work there is a deep sense of process, not the printmaking process or the assembly process but an unknown process that I believe I have no control over. This process like nature is organic; indeed, nature exerts a continual influence over my work. And, in turn, I have been able to draw upon this process through my knowledge of geometry and mathematics as the main constructive aid by which my ideas acquire visible form.

Martin was born in London 1948, lived in Yorkshire until 1982 before finally settling down in Aberdeenshire. After graduating with a BA (Hons) Sculpture Degree in 2007 and thereafter with a MFA Degree 2008 at Gray’s School of Art Martin began both constructing and working from his “Cowden Studio” premises. His work has been shown in both solo and group exhibitions throughout the UK and purchased by collectors both nationally and internationally.