As part of our ‘Shared Collective Heritage’ project, we’ve been lucky to have the opportunity to collaborate with Shane Strachan on some new films which highlight the links between artists represented both in the GHAT collection and in Aberdeen Art Gallery.  Shane, Rob, and Lesley were given privileged access to film in Aberdeen Art Gallery on a day the Gallery was closed to the public.

‘Shoreline’ by Frances Walker and ‘Birds Eye View of a Beach’ was chosen as a focus for the first film ‘Reading Art’. Both Walker and Wishart are iconic artists for the NE of Scotland and are exceptional in their approaches to painting and printmaking. Both have lived and breathed the landscape of the north of Scotland and the works they have made show a passion for the natural world and the unique light we have in the North East.  Both are closely connected to the City of Aberdeen and the cultural institutions here.

In the second film ‘Writing Art,’ we moved to the Suttie Art Space to look art can be used as an inspiration for the creative writer – in that film, Shane explored the work of Nicola Murray and Donald Addison, through their prints in the GHAT collection.