12th February – 21st April 2019

The Small Gallery, Aberdeen Royal Infirmary

Shakir Maghul’s exhibition explores the idea that colours can have a psychological impact on someone’s attitude. Do they really have an effect on our mood and do they really influence us?

Shakir has taken inspiration from William Anastasi’s drawings, known as ‘Blind’ or ‘Subway’ drawings. Anastasi produced work without looking at the paper during subway journeys. Shakir has used the Anastasi methodology to produce unintentional or inadvertent lines, to depict a scene or mood. These images were created by using the same techniques with random colours applied unpredictably. Multiple forms and shapes have been created, merging different layers, and producing a variety of patterns which differentiate the colours and their movement.

Shakir is interested on the viewers response to the work. Are these colours just colours or do they mean something more to you, either visually or psychologically?

All work is for sale and available to buy in The GHAT Shop.