Would your department like to take part in creative sessions with experienced artists? Sessions are delivered via Teams and tailored to have a short duration of between 15-20 minutes, but can be expanded on request. We are accepting groups of a maximum of eight people to ensure everyone gets the most out of the workshop. Materials will be provided in advance.  

At the moment, we are offering the three options below: 

Workshop 1: Printmaking with Amy Benzie
This workshop focuses on methods of printmaking with everyday materials readily available. For this session, participants will work with collagraph/relief printing with cardboard and paints to create wonderful works of printmaking.  

Workshop 2: Paper Cutting with Anna Shirron
Explore the art of paper cutting in a short session exploring patterns and details. At the end of the session, you will have a small piece ready to take home and be able to continue with your paper cuts.   

Workshop 3: Trace fossils with Yvette Bathgate
Participants will use plant matter or other objects of their choice to create fossil-like forms, preserving the presence of an object, but not the physical object itself. A trace fossil, or inchofossil, is a record of indirect evidence of life. This could include footprints, burrows, or impressions of plant matter.   

Length of workshop: 15 to 20 minutes (can be delivered in up to an hour if desired)  

For more information including how to book, please contact rafaela.salesross@nhs.scot