As part of our Shared Collective Heritage exhibition, ‘Shop Local -from Dawn to Dusk/from Dee to Don’ (in the Suttie Art Space from 12 June – 10 October) GHAT volunteer Rosie Leavitt has been looking at iconic images of Aberdeen. In this post, we are sharing her thoughts on the days before cheap overseas holidays – when Aberdeen was one of Scotland’s leading holiday resorts – through two posters designed to attract people to Aberdeen. ⁠

“In one, under the heading “Silver City with the Golden Sands” a cheery family of four is enjoying a day out on the beach alongside their dog, a Scottish terrier. The Scottie used to be Aberdeen’s official tourism mascot. It’s a warm sunny day – not a fleecy jacket or a trace of haar in sight! This poster looks like it dates from the 1960s. ⁠

The second poster is by James Furneaux and dates from 1982. This one is clearly aimed at a different audience and describes Aberdeen as a “city for lovers” of the arts, flowers, music, history. Here, you have a black and white pen and ink drawing of His Majesty’s Theatre and a bed of pretty pink tulips. The poster was produced for Aberdeen City Council to promote the city and it was made at a time when Aberdeen regularly won Britain in Bloom awards for its floral displays, hence the reference to flowers.