As part of our social media project with Alexandra McGregor for the ‘All About People‘ installation currently on in The Suttie Arts Space, Alexandra has written a new poem inspired by the newspaper created by Chris Lee and based on the people, objects and places in the film created by Graeme Roger, Lucie Treacher, Chris and the Aberdeen Performing Arts Youth Theatre.

A couple jigs on the streets

Kilted dancers move to the beats

Crowds outside Aberdeen Music Hall

Theatrical people in costume having a ball

In the Northeast they say fit like

A man cycles along Union Street on a bike

Lads and lassies sack racing

Horses slowly pacing

Seagulls on the waves in the North Sea

Golfing man takes a shot of his tee

Man, rows into a Northeast shore

Men working on the ships at Aberdeen harbour

Lassies balance eggs on spoons

Matching kilts on a pair of loons

Laddies at Aberdeen beach playing in the sand

Wifey holding a basket we see a hand

People stand near the statue of Edward the 7th on Union Street

Lads start the race ready to compete

Seed Experts on a shop sign

Lassie’s dancing in a line

Old advert for HP sauce beside an illustration of a boat

Quine swaggers in large fancy hat and coat

Alexandra McGregor is a visual artist and performer based in Aberdeen. Her work explores feminine rites and traditions seeking out and questioning the present and post female. The narratives within her practice are embedded in historical material with her performances acting as recording mechanisms that seek to unearth ideas around the contemporary female.

Alexandra graduated in 2017 from Gray’s School of Art and from 2017-18 was Graduate in Residence for the Contemporary Art department. She has exhibited at the RSA New Contemporaries (2018) at the Scottish National Gallery Edinburgh, and ‘Positive Geographies’ as part of the Look Again festival (2018). More recently she has exhibited and performed in group exhibitions organised by Nomad. Alexandra recently worked as a volunteer Gallery Assistant in The Suttie Arts Space.