In 2016 GHAT was approached by the staff of the Neo Natal Unit to help them change the look and feel of the unit. Lynne Strachan, from Curious Cranberry, was commissioned to work with a core team of staff, which included a member of Friends of The Special Nursery, to develop a theme to run throughout the unit, and which can be replicated in the new Baird Family Hospital when the unit is relocated in 2022. 

It was quickly established that the unit had their own unofficial mascot in the form of Neo the Giraffe, taken from the Giraffe Incubators used in the unit. Lynne created a bespoke logo for the team to use, which was then replicated throughout the department and turned into pin badges for the staff and visitors. She worked with the staff look at the signage leading to and within the unit, the use of colour and vinyl, and created for them their very own Improvement Tree.


This project was funded by NHS Grampian Endowment Fund.