Evident Care features new artwork for The Suttie Arts Space that explores the role of ornamentation and the formation of pattern within architectural space.

Dublin-based artist Miranda Blennerhassett was commissioned by GHAT to create new artwork, and has been in residency for three weeks to create large-scale paintings directly onto the gallery walls, as well as a new stop-motion animation.

The artwork in this exhibition is inspired by patterns taken from a series of books that share construction techniques repeated over centuries in ancient and modern architecture, and the role of ornamentation within our surroundings. When applied to objects and structures the elemental human action of creating pattern functions as a way of assigning value and meaning.   There is an implication that consideration for our surroundings infers a consideration for those within it.

Evident Care opens on 6th March 2015 7-9pm in The Suttie Arts Space.