Paula Thompson has over 20 years experience of in creating art for public spaces using a wide variety of materials carefully chosen to suit each individual space. She integrates art within an architectural context, both internally and externally, and works with the light and proportion of the environment. 

Each project is meticulously researched, exploring the history of the site, its sense of place, and its community. In developing her ideas and concepts she works with archivists, librarians, and community groups and engages with stakeholders to help understand their aspirations. She has extensive experience working with architects, landscape architects, public art consultants, and developers. Her work integrates successfully with the aesthetics and scale of its surrounding location, creating an artwork rooted in its environment. She has created numerous public art installations within the healthcare setting, as well as for the arts, hospitality, and educational sectors.

Paula has worked with GHAT on previous projects on NHS Grampian sites, including Inverurie Community Hospital Garden Project and The Matthew Hay Building on the Foresterhill Campus.

You can find out more information about Paula’s work on her website and social media;

Instagram: @paula_thompson_studio