Joseph Hillier makes sculpture that explores our humanity relative to the places people inhabit. His installations for public spaces resonate with their sites through materiality and the details of their making. From stainless steel and bronze to wood or clay, his work plays with the timeless act of representation in contemporary contexts. Recent artworks have responded to the climate crisis and pressing environmental concerns by reconsidering the means of production and have used timber harvested from the aftermath of extreme weather events such as storm Arwen which felled an estimated 15000 trees in Aberdeen alone on One night in November 2021.

Born in Cornwall, Joseph has lived and worked in London, New Orleans and now Northumberland. He is an elected Fellow of the Royal Society of Sculptors and has created over twenty public works. Recent solo and group exhibitions include The British Art Fair, Saatchi Gallery, Digital Rendition, Royal Society of Sculptors, Cheeseburn Sculpture, Northumberland, and Beaux Arts, London.

He has recently completed his most ambitious public work to date, ‘Messenger’, which sailed into Plymouth at dawn on the 18th of March 2019. The artwork was cast in 10 tonnes of bronze, the largest cast bronze sculpture in the UK. and depicts the fleeting action of a performer.

You can find out more information about Joseph’s work on his website and social media;

Instagram: @hillier.joseph
Facebook: @joseph.hillier.94