As an artist and educator, Emma Varley’s multidisciplinary practice explores innovative parallels between analogue and digital techniques. She has created artwork solutions for healthcare environments across Scotland inspired by the natural world focused on biophilic design. By diversifying traditional printmaking practices she explores various methods utilising contemporary materials such as digitally printed vinyl, embroidered textiles, light boxes and most recently site-specific installation working with AI (Artificial Intelligence) generated imagery and time-based media.  

The belief surrounding the positive effects of artwork on health and well being are central to Varley’s practice. Her interest is in the natural world, but more specifically the ‘strata’ that connect layers of our biodiverse environment and the ecological challenges surrounding it.  Strata may also act as a metaphor for health; observing layers or moments of time that includes: healing time; recalling time (memory) and perhaps most importantly ‘here and now’ present time. The concept of ‘strata’ has allowed Emma to recognise the importance of place-making by connecting new spaces to the local environment and its communities. Creative engagement with staff and user groups is fundamental to her design process permitting a sensitive approach to each commission.  

Recent healthcare commissions include Dumfries & Galloway Royal Infirmary,  The Royal Hospital for Children Glasgow, Edinburgh Royal Hospital for Sick Children, Forth Valley Royal Hospital and Tayside Murray Royal Hospital.  Emma is also a part-time faculty member in Creative Industries at Dumfries & Galloway College. 

You can find out more information about Emma’s work on her website and social media;

Instagram: @elvarley311