Bespoke Atelier is a design studio, founded by Yvonne Elliot-Kellighan and Marion Parola, blending the worlds of art and architecture, inventing unique patterns to enhance interiors, products, and buildings.

“We bring our background from textile design and apply it to robust architectural surfaces.”

Their practice is about:
Creating patterns and illustrations, scaling from interior application to outdoor large-scale interventions.
Believing in using place and locality in our artworks to improve people’s health and well-being.
Combining architecture/landscapes/ botanicals to form a strong narrative and create varying layers for multiple viewings.

For the past 12 years, Bespoke Atelier has been blending the worlds of art and architecture, inventing unique patterns to enhance buildings, from interior fabrics and wallpapers to large-scale patterned façades and flooring. Bespoke Atelier has been leading projects all over the UK, creating surface design artworks for large-scale buildings from hotels, offices, schools, NHS facilities, and community centres.

Since meeting during their textile design studies at The Glasgow School of Art, Yvonne and Marion communicate their passion for textiles and patterns through permanent and temporary installations for indoor and outdoor spaces. From creating patterned concrete façades for a three-story new build in North Glasgow, hand painting the renowned lido swimming pool in Morecambe as well as designing eye-catching wallpaper for a number of hotels they see the built environment as the ideal canvas for their designs. Their artworks are inspired by lush gardens, urbanism, historical details, and dramatic landscapes transforming any space into an uplifting escape.

Their extensive experience in working across a large variety of projects and surfaces gives their clients access to a range of trustworthy and high-quality manufacturers, fabricators, and engineers. Bespoke Atelier works from conception, and fabrication to final installation bridging the gap between an artist, a designer, and a project manager.

You can find out more information about their work on their website and social media;

Instagram: @bespokeatelier
Facebook: @bespokeatelierstudio
Twitter: @bespoke_atelier