Wells 2 webThe new exhibition in the Dress Circle Bar at HMT is The Violet Hour by Matthew G Wells. Matthew graduated from Gray’s School of Art in 2005 and has a studio at MC3 in Elgin, where he also runs life-drawing classes and workshops.

“My work is a continued experiment with representational art, wherein the process is often as important as the finished object.

A continued study of art history has enabled me to continue working in the reactionary pursuit of narrative painting; wherein what is being said is of equal importance to how the artist chooses to say it. This combines with an immersion in literature, where the Debord’s ideas of Detournement and Burroughs cut-ups have encouraged a mixture of personal and second hand stories and images in search of something original by not only working from “found” imagery, but frequently using the same models to re-enact scenes inspired by Old Master paintings or poetry.

Thematically the paintings often tip their hat to historical references whilst engaging in timeless issues such as personal responses to politics, religion and relationships.”

The exhibition runs to the 14th of May