Walking the Moor
Zooming Out – Zooming In

Mary Golden

Opens Wednesday 1st March, 6.30-8pm

The new exhibition in The Small Gallery, ARI is by landsape painter Mary Golden.

After studying art at Hertfordshire College of Art and Design and Wimbledon School of Art, Mary graduated with a BA hons in Fine Art Painting in 1987. Following travelling, working and teaching abroad, she settled in Scotland where she became fascinated by the landscape.

Mary’s current projects are concerned with an investigation into the characteristics and peculiarities of elements of the Scottish landscape, in particular, the individuality of the mountains of Glencoe and their shape. She explores how their natural forms sit within the landscape, their looming presence, how they relate to each other and how they are looked at and experienced.

At the same time Mary has drawn into what is found underfoot when walking through Glencoe and on other Scottish moorland. Looking at the remarkable diversity of flora which creates its own intricate and detailed landscape, Mary creates paintings and drawings of these as a contrast to the large landscapes they are found in. Her work expresses elements of both a broad landscape range and the close-up world of the moor habitat itself.

Walking the Moor will run to Friday 14th April 2017.