ariundleoakwoods1-webThe new exhibition in The Small Gallery, ARI is In the Woods by Inverness base artist Liz Green.

Liz is a self-taught artist with a life long passion for making things and for being outdoors. She moved to Inverness in 2004 and has been painting full time since 2011.

Her paintings use acrylic and mixed media.  Liz experiments with different styles and methods of application, to find an exact combination of colour and texture that conjures the spirit and feel of a place or the thoughts inside her head.

‘In the Woods is a collection of woodland paintings that sets out to capture that feeling of immersion, sanctuary and contemplation that one can feel in woodland. The allure of woodlands is endlessly rekindled at each turn of the season. Whether clad in leaves or laid bare by winter, trees emanate a strength, identity and sense of belonging to place; they are bigger and older than one human generation and local favourite woods can offer a place of anchorage.

Having looked at this exhibition you may feel that the saying ‘Not out the Woods’ could have a new meaning.’

The exhibition is accompanied by a selection of poems Liz has written for each of the artworks on show.