As part of the Sayings In The Suttie exhibition, GHAT has commissioned Moray-based visual artist Graeme Roger to develop the digital artwork, ‘Life After COVID’, using the comments from  NHS Grampian staff who were invited write on the gallery walls. They were asked 4 key questions about their experiences during 2020, which were

What do you plan to do with Life after Covid?
What words of encouragement do you have for others?
Describe 2020 in five words
What has helped you cope?

Each month during the exhibition, Graeme has been adding to the work and showing the new version in the exhibition. The final will be launched with an outdoor celebration event on the Foresthill site at the end of the exhibition run. The film you can see here is part of that process.

Graeme is a multimedia artist whose work includes sculpture, film, performance, photography, installations, theatre and residency projects, often collaborating with other artists and musicians.

Sayings In The Suttie and Life After COVID is part of Amplify, a Grampian Hospital Arts Trust participatory art initiative funded by Creative Scotland. The project aims to promote the many benefits of art in healthcare whilst exploring different ways to engage with and create art.