The next exhibition in The Small Gallery, Aberdeen Royal Infirmary, is ‘Forest Magick’ by North East artist Kyle Noble.

Kyle’s practice has a strong drawn element mixing automatic drawing, Chinese landscape aesthetics and layers of varnish. Over the last three years his practice has been devoted to the description of an imaginary ancient culture called ‘The Meiklians’, who built the stone circles around his home in Aberdeenshire. Through drawing, painting and writing he describes this fictional territory of mind, calling the collective body of work ‘The Meiklian Project’.

In his paintings, Kyle experiments with medium and mark making in an effort to describe the strong impressions that his research and experiences have made upon him. They describe an idealised landscape full of supernatural distortions, shamanism, stone circles, archaic forests, gnarled trees and views of a distant sacred mountain. Kyle creates these visions through a unique blend of media; utilising turbulent layers of industrial varnish, jewel like painted details, ancient Chinese pigments of Malachite and Lapis Lazuli, holographic gels and a high embellishment of detailed drawing.

 ‘Forest Magick’ runs from  Monday 5th June to Friday 21st July.