Junior Doctors' Common Room, ARI

Junior Doctors’ Common Room, ARI

The staff leading the project had a very clear aesthetic goal in mind for the space.  On our initial site visit revealed a bright, airy space with good natural light; the furniture focused on simplicity and functionality, incorporating various materials and textures to create a mellow but playful mood.  The room was punctuated with primary colours and so we adopted this knowledge going forward to select the artwork.  In keeping with the contemporary look of the room, we selected abstract works, in particular a collection of work by Harvey Daniels.  Daniels’ work is exemplified by bright, geometric patterns.  The compositions are very playful and energetic through his use of colour, shape and pattern.  It has been said that the artist used his artwork to communicate joy and energy; a way of channelling optimism and positive potential.  During his time at art-school, critics and others defined his work as pop-art, but slowly over the years his work became increasingly abstract and geometric.  His work is represented in collections throughout the world, including our colourful collection here at GHAT.

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