J A Simpson e invite

Upcoming exhibition in the Small Gallery, Aberdeen Royal Infirmary is Julie-Ann Simpson’s Illuminate.

Many of the new pieces within Illuminate have been influenced by the winter landscape of the north.   In these new works, Julie-Ann draws on the multifarious connotations of the sky whilst exploiting its visual properties.tumblr_nfbzutL8aJ1si1hmyo1_500

“I engage in an exploration of experience and imagination, drawing on an expansive collection of sources. I am interested in how we obtain and catalogue information and then filter it through memory. My work attempts to convey a sensory atmosphere through a synthesis of materials. I often make reference to the landscape, observing details and momentary incidents from the natural environment. Colour and pattern are then carefully considered and employed to create an abstraction of this experience; a fleeting memory, an idiosyncratic response.

Through a process of slowly building layers of translucent colour, at once concealing the marks beneath yet also uncovering new shapes, I aim to create a soft, dreamlike surface which recalls the ephemeral.”


Illuminate runs from 19th March to 8th May and opens on Wednesday 18th March, 6.30-8pm