JMBThe new exhibition at HMT is by multi-media artist Jill Martin Boualaxai.   Jill works with found objects and  materials to create 3 dimensional works which evoke a sense of the ever changing urban landscape and describe the feelings and impressions of place.

‘I am fascinated by the transient nature of the urban landscape and its ever changing skyline, seemingly in a continual cycle of demolition and rebuilding. The stillness encapsulated in derelict and disused spaces and forgotten fragments scattered across floors. The peeling paint; smashed windows, graffiti, collapsed and crumbling walls are what inspires the surface of my paintings.’

Old maps, architectural drawings, photographs,011 electrical components, mechanisms, rusted metal, boxes, glass, architectural salvage, broken plastics and wood are incorporated into her paintings, prints and installations or works directly onto the surface of the objects using materials such as gesso, beeswax and egg tempera because of their textural qualities, the surface of the work being relevant to the place.Frederick+Street

Jill works from memory, the idea always changing, reworking paintings. Constantly changing and searching to find the characteristics that make a place special or unique. It is through this layering of the painting that a sense of place is instilled. The history of the painting reflecting buried secrets and histories of a building. Still there but now buried beneath the surface.DSC_0065


Composite Landscapes opens on the 1st of June and runs to the 31st of August