20th April – 16th June 2019

The Suttie Arts Space

Edinburgh based artist Beverley Hood has been commissioned to work with The University of Aberdeen team who are leading the research project, IDentIFY. The University of Aberdeen is working alongside nine European partners on the IDentIFY project, to develop a new kind of medical scanner, Fast Field-Cycling Magnetic Resonance Imaging (FFC-MRI).

As in standard MRI (found in tens of thousands of hospitals worldwide), FFC-MRI uses magnetic fields and radio waves to produce images of the inside of a patient’s head or body. FFC-MRI generates extra information by switching the strength of its magnet during a scan, and it is hoped that this can help doctors diagnose disease more reliably. IDentIFY, funded by the European Commission, is aimed at developing FFC-MRI and bringing it closer to use in hospitals. The Aberdeen team have built a prototype scanner and is already using it to image patients who have suffered from a stroke.

Beverley Hood creates digital art works and performances that investigate our physical, psychological and emotional experiences of, and relationships to technology. Her work has been performed and exhibited internationally at events and venues including Edinburgh International Festival, ISEA International, V&A Digital Futures, CCA, Glasgow, Talbot Rice, Edinburgh, ICA, London and Stockholm Kulturhuser.

A publication to accompany the project is available from the GHAT shop. Contributions from Dr Silvia Casini, Professor David Lurie and Beverley Hood.

Exhibition photographs by Mike Davidson

This commission was funded by Creative Scotland, University of Aberdeen, Identify and Aberdeen City Council