GHAT aims to have a reciprocal and mutually beneficial exchange with our volunteers and graduates; with their involvement informing and developing our work, and our work enabling individuals to learn skills and achieve personal development.

The involvement of volunteers will be guided by the following principles of good practice:

  • the tasks to be performed by volunteers will be clearly defined, so that all everyone is sure of their respective roles and responsibilities;
  • the organisation will comply with the Data Protection Act in the use of data held on all volunteers;
  • volunteers will be provided with regular opportunities to share ideas/concerns with a named individual;
  • all existing and future policies will be checked as to how they affect volunteers

All volunteers and graduates are given a comprehensive induction and possibly a Disclosure Scotland check where applicable. Each position has a written brief to which the volunteer/graduate submits a short application. An agreement is drawn up between the volunteer and GHAT which outlines the sessions that the volunteer will be working and the ‘in kind’ resources that GHAT will make available to the volunteer. Ie, expenses, equipment and professional development.

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In the first instance contact the office for a chat and see what we do. 01224 552429