​10 September – 4 December 2022

The Suttie Arts Space

After a visit in 2017 by 3 bis f’s Artistic Director, Diane Pigeau, a mutual interest developed to create a project which promotes active and fruitful collaboration between both organisations, by supporting an exhibition of French artists in the UK. GHAT proposed a collaboration with 3 bis f, the first French contemporary art centre in a hospital, to work with Hélène Bellenger and Charlotte Perrin, and support them to deliver their first UK exhibition.

Hélène Bellenger and Charlotte Perrin met during a six-month residency at 3 bis f, located in the psychiatric hospital of Aix en Provence, France. They developed their artistic research from their first meeting in January 2020, and their two distinct artistic practices gradually converged. The collaboration resulted in a dual exhibition and an artist’s book, both titled “Plaisir Solide” which launched in April 2021.  

 This initial project brought not only two very distinct artistic practices together but also initiated a longer-term collaboration between the artists, who have continued to develop their work and research through conversations and exchanges which influence and enrich each other’s individual practices while continuing to create points of fusion between their works

“Gloss Comfort” continues their collaboration in a new setting introducing them to a new audience. The work for the exhibition is a combination of selected artworks from “Plaisir Solide” and newly commissioned site-specific artwork for The Suttie Arts Space. The new exhibition in The Suttie Art Space has been inspired by the gallery space itself, the context in which it sits and how visitors use it. The Artists play with themes specific to the space in their exhibition.

Hélène questions the extensive search for wellness in contemporary society, through euphoric and industrial fragrances and collections of advertisements, while Charlotte offers flexible and comfortable sculptures, which the audience can move and play with.

“Gloss Comfort” plays with this space of escapism,  reflection, and rest that represents The Suttie Art Space, while questioning our visual and architectural ecosystem.

Exhibition photography by Mike Davidson.

This Project was funded by Creative Scotland and 3 bis f as part of the Amplify Project.