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Jean Hall studied painting and ceramics at Edinburgh College of Art.  While studying she developed an interest in Japanese design and its impact on all aspects of life from architecture through to cookery, clothing and gardening.  Jean worked as an Art & Design Lecturer in a West Lothian College, Lauder College and Telford College before returning to painting full time in 2005. 

‘I have always been interested in the quiet, meditative qualities of Eastern philosophies; this has led to considerable, in-depth study over the years. This study continues to confirm a preference for the still and formal in painting. The spiritual aspects of Indian and Japanese art and design are a constant source of inspiration for me. Because Japanese design was generally based on nature, stylised forms of plants, animals, trees, flowers, and even elements like wind and rain, there is an inherent stillness in the forms used within the design of pottery, fabrics, clothes and gardens, and in the composition and design of living spaces.

I am interested in representing this stillness in my paintings.  The combination of simplicity of line and composition with sometimes extravagant colour and pattern is one that will always provide inspiration for me.’  Jean Hall.

The exhibition was be opened with a private viewing on Wednesday 30th July 2014 and will run from Thursday 31st July to Friday 24th October 2014 and can be accessed during theatre opening hours.

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