GHAT Heritage Walls

As part of our Shared Collective Heritage project and with support from Aberdeen Built Heritage Trust, we recently installed ‘Heritage Walls’ that are currently on display in Aberdeen Royal Infirmary (Yellow Zone corridor, Level 1).

The Heritage Walls were researched and developed by two GHAT volunteers, Rosie Leavitt and Andrea De Monte, who have a particular interest in the built and social history of Aberdeen. Rosie and Andrea have been instrumental in gathering research and providing input into numerous aspects of the Shared Collective Heritage project.

The Heritage Walls include text and images from the Silver City Vault, Aberdeen City and Shire Archives, the DC Thomson Archive and both the GHAT and Peacock Visual Arts collections. Rosie and Andrea also had access to the British Newspaper Archive, granted by DC Thomson.

GHAT designer Brad Newman pulled it all together with the layout, text and colour schemes, and the project was overseen by Lesley Thomson (Shared Collection Heritage Manager) and Fraser MacDonald (GHAT Art Collection Manager).