The GHAT Collection Winter Exhibition – “Abstracted Landscapes” opened in December in The Suttie Arts Space.

The artwork in the exhibition was chosen by NHS Grampian, GHAT staff, and visitors to The Suttie Arts Space. The observations made while selecting the work reflect how they feel about their local environment, and range from personal memories to colours, subject matter, and sustainability.

GHAT invited NHS Grampian Sustainability Champions and visitors to The Suttie Arts Space for a drop-in session last year to choose work from the GHAT Collection. We then asked everyone to write something about the work they selected to be published alongside the exhibition.

The exhibition was a fantastic team effort between GHAT Exhibitions and Collections, and the NHS Grampian Sustainability Champions. It includes a great variety of work from the Collection including new acquisitions, screenprint and mezzotint, and 3D pieces.

NHS Grampian’s Sustainability Team are supporting sustainable development and practices across NHS Grampian sites. Sustainability Champions are volunteers across all areas of NHS Grampian who work to embed sustainability in their area of work. They are a vital part of the organisation, as they act to highlight areas where improvement can be made in its sustainability and deliver sustainability actions and projects.