1 December 2021 to 20 February 2022
The Small Gallery, ARI

‘My art practice demonstrates systematic ways of working with mediums that explore qualities of line, texture and form. I create two and three-dimensional work that investigates the movement of a mark considers the weight and transparency of materials and attempts to translate emotion through composition. I question myself more than I question the viewer – why do I have this need to ‘fill in a page’ or prove myself that I can handle the medium in a controlled manner? The circular shapes and rhythmic lines form an image that illustrates artistic labour, a sense of duration and explores boredom. The time-consuming hand embroidery, detailed drawing and layered printmaking and sculpture techniques allow the image to ‘float’ from one meaning into another while the work is still in progress.

I would like to thank the Institute of Physics for the financial support while securing a studio space to be able to produce the work exhibited.’

Gabriele Jogelaite

For this exhibition, Gabriele Jogelaite is showing a series of artworks she has been developing since 2020. These works are based on images and text found in Petrus Apianus’ ‘Astronomicum Caesareum’ (1540) and Johannes Kepler’s ‘Harmonices Mundi’ (1619) books held in The Crawford Collection at The Royal Observatory, Edinburgh. Gabriele studied hand-cut volvelles (Apian wheels) displayed in the hexagonal woodcut printed frames in Astronomicum Caesareum, and investigated Kepler’s idea of how music and rhythm can be compared to the movement of planets. Both research subjects are related by their importance to the development of astronomy, questioning human’s changing understanding of Earth’s shape and what rhythm, speed it moves. Gabriele has used these primary sources to make work that does not describe what is already described in the books, but creates new meanings about the gravity, rhythm, emptiness of space, and finds new relationships between the themes by applying drawing, painting and printmaking techniques.

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