Recurving 22cm

Dundee based artist Fiona McCubbin, is the latest artist to exhibit in The Small Gallery at Aberdeen Royal Infirmary.

Fiona McCubbin is a Visual Artist who graduated from Gray’s School of Art in 2013 with a BA (hons) in Painting. Since graduating Fiona has worked for artist led exhibition space GENERATORprojects and a Creative Practitioner for Aberdeen Creative Learning. She is also one of the Co-founders of Dundee Print Collective.

‘With a concentration on relationship and exchange, I investigate the relationship between light and perception, and the exchange of energy, words and thought. By utilizing simultaneously or separately a range of formal strategies – painting, printmaking and sculpture, McCubbin gives prominence to luminosity. That which cannot be termed in words, a hidden realm – something in-between – the intersection where effects meet.’

‘Recurving’ will be exhibited in The Small Gallery in Aberdeen Royal Infirmary from the 19th November through to the 22nd January 2016 and can be accessed 24 hours a day.

Fiona McCubbin e inviteFiona McCubbin e invite2