12th October 2022 –  Fri 6th January 2023

​The Small Gallery, Aberdeen Royal Infirmary

Donna E Briggs studied printmaking at Gray’s School of Art and graduated from Robert Gordon University with a BA (Hons) in fine Art – Printmaking. Since then she has exhibited artwork in open exhibitions and solo shows and has completed commissioned work for businesses in Aberdeen City.

Donna won a Purchase Prize in 2008 and was later commissioned by Grampian Hospitals Art Trust to make site-specific work for a reminiscence room in Aberdeen’s Royal Cornhill Hospital. Since 2008, Donna has been working as an Artist for the Artroom project at Roxburghe House. Donna is currently based out of Newtonhill, just south of Aberdeen. Her practice is multi-disciplinary and focuses mainly on the embedded emotions and memories in found and rediscovered objects and photographs.

‘I have always been interested in the importance that is placed on the objects we surround ourselves with. These objects are precious, not because of their monetary value, but because of their sentimental value, the feelings of nostalgia they invoke, and the ways they connect us to the past.

Notions of myth, ritual, ceremony and tradition are embedded in these objects – the mementoes we keep – and inform, by way of storytelling, the histories we record, pass down, and inherit.

These autobiographical analog and digital collages originally generated by word prompts look into my own objects, collections and narratives.’

Website: donnaebriggs.art
Instagram: @donnaebriggsart