1930 – 2003

Buyers studied at Gray’s School of Art, Aberdeen.  Following an upsurge of tuberculosis after the Second World War, art therapists were introduced and, after graduating, Donald became the first to be employed in the Aberdeen hospitals. He found the work rewarding, but was made redundant when new antibiotics were introduced and the outbreak of tuberculosis began to subside.

The artist resided in Paris for a time, taking in the influences of exhibiting artists especially Pablo Picasso and Paul Klee.  Returning to Aberdeen, Buyers ran a commercial art business with Dan Stephen, but eventually turned to pursue more rewarding work teaching whilst continuing with his own painting practice.

In 1957, he and three friends, Eric Auld, Bill Baxter and Bill Ord, formed the ABBO group to stage their own exhibitions.  They exhibited frequently in Aberdeen and around the country; meanwhile Buyers continued to teach at Kemnay and Inverurie.  His daily observations of the changing seasons and atmospheric countryside were a great influence on his work.