GHAT xmas exh flyer

Grampian Hospitals Art Trust (GHAT) has worked with many artists throughout the years on projects for NHSG, however, this exhibition celebrates the artists who volunteer and work directly for GHAT on the Board of Management, Arts Advisors Committee and staff. Their brief was to produce a postcard sized artwork with no restrictions to medium or subject. The artworks shown here have been created by;

Deidra Baker
Jen Bradley
Donna Briggs
Jenny Ebdy
Susan Gauld
Tamsin Greenlaw
David Henderson
Louise Foreman
Fraser MacDonald
Anne Moore
Donnie Ross
Olga Runcie
Anna Shirron
Sally Thomson
Allan Watson

For sales enquiries please phone 01224 552429 or email All proceeds from the sale of these artworks have been kindly donated by the artists to fund GHAT projects.