The Creative Mobile Unit (CMU) was originally envisioned as a series of creative workshops delivered by professional artists on the Foresterhill Campus. With restrictions around COVID-19 being introduced in 2020, all CMU sessions are now being delivered online to support NHSG staff.

GHAT has commissioned 6 artists from different backgrounds to deliver CMU sessions for NHSG staff. The workshops are designed around using low-cost materials with things you can find at home or in your workspace. To book please contact with your NHS email

Sessions are delivered via Teams and tailored to have a short duration of between 15-20 minutes which can be done during a break. There are 8 spaces available in each session to ensure everyone gets the most out of the workshop. Materials will be provided in advance.  

We have 2 sessions by multi-disciplinary artist Rhona Jack, which you can book. For information about the session, time, and date, click on the images below. 

This workshop is part of the Amplify projects Creative Mobile Unit which offers free workshops to all NHS Grampian staff.  The staff sessions are delivered through Microsoft Teams, up to 8 people can attend and all materials are supplied.