​Anna Shirron is an Aberdeen based Visual Artist working mainly within the fields of paper cutting and painting. Anna produces large scale installations that concern themselves with pattern and detail. Through the use of materials, patterns and motifs that may normally be considered purely decorative, her work looks at the idea of ‘beauty’ and ‘ugly’. These patterns and motifs are then used to depict more challenging subject matters.

Anna’s work also looks at the idea of the passing of time. The documentation and the memory of the work becomes the work itself, as opposed to a physical piece of work that can be held and displayed on a wall. The work is created to explore and document time. Each piece takes hundreds of hours and it is a bit of a labour of love.

As well as documenting the lifetime of the work, Anna has recently started to document the process that goes into creating it as this can be as significant as final the installed pieces.

You can find out more information about Anna and her work on her website and social media;

Website: www.shirron.art
Instagram: @annashirron 
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/annashirron