Amy Benzie is a ceramic maker and creative facilitator based in Aberdeen City. She holds a BA in Ceramics and Glass from Gray’s School of Art and is Co-Director of Aberdeen Ceramics Studio.

Amy’s curiosity lies in the alchemy of glaze recipes and firing. The element of unpredictability that comes from working with her materials, and the exchanges between art and science, greatly inspire the otherworldly forms and textures of her work. This has led to innovative and unorthodox methods of pattern application, for which she was awarded the Potclays Graduate Award.

Amy’s work includes a collection of otherworldly vessels – ‘The FrankenBodies’ – which were exhibited as part of the Haddo Arts Festival. These pieces are a development of the ‘Fertility Vessels’ produced as part of a residency at The Pheasantry in 2018.

You can find out more information about Amy and her work on her website and social media;

Instagram: @amy_benzie_ceramics