GHAT has various opportunities for volunteers, which are crucial to the smooth running of the charity. We offer allvolunteers training, expenses and opportunities to apply for upcoming vacancies and to participate in GHAT projects and events.

We are currently looking for Collection Volunteers.  To download a pdf of the job description here

GHAT Collection Volunteer Brief 2015.pdf

Introduction to the Collection:GHAT Exhibition show opening speech healthy landscape Grays

Our collection includes work from well known artists such as Joyce Cairns, John Bellany, Sandy Fraser, William Littlejohn and Sylvia Wishart, and many others. We currently have 500 art works in storage, a number of which would be difficult to re-hang because of new regulations of various kinds. Both Foresterhill Health Campus and Dr Gray’s Hospital (Elgin) are in the process of reconfiguring their facilities, and this will involve removing present art works and issuing new work from the GHAT collection, so there are likely to be storage and re-hanging issues.

Over the last four years GHAT has audited and rationalised the GHAT collection and created documentation systems to organise and process GHAT’s data acquisition and data management requirements. Many of the departments will be re-located in the near future therefore there will be a need to collate, store, sort and re hang up to 1500 artworks within the next two years.


The GHAT collections volunteer will assist the GHAT collection coordinator to prioritise the following tasks:

  1. Assist with the intake, re-location of displaced art works.
  2. Condition-check, document, carry out basic conservation of artworks currently in storage.
  3. Liaise with departments and organise the hanging of art work

Training will be given in all areas.

Please note:

The Collection Volunteer’s role can be physically demanding in its nature. As well as being on your feet for long periods of time you will be asked to help lift and carry artwork. Please make the Collection Manager aware of any challenges which the physical nature of this job may present to you. We are committed to making reasona

ble adjustments for access and equality.

Accountability:IMG_2665 copy

This is a volunteer post and the Collection Volunteer will report to the Collection Manager.

Conditions of Work:

  • Working hours to be agreed between the volunteer and Collection Manager
  • There will be an evaluation of the volunteer’s role after an 8 week period.
  • Further training opportunities will be made available to all volunteers on request.


Tamsin Greenlaw

Volunteer Coordinator

01224 552429