As part of the Amplify project, we a currently looking for 3 artists to deliver workshops for the Creative Mobile Unit.
For information about the role and how to apply, please download the Creative Mobile Unit Artist Brief below:


Amplify is a focused project of ambitious participatory arts activity based in NHS Grampian (NHSG) hospital sites. The programme of work is designed to support the Grampian Hospitals Art Trust (GHAT) vision – the pursuit of excellence in arts within healthcare practice, regionally integrated and embedded, nationally recognised and respected. Amplify is a Creative Scotland funded project.

The key goals of Amplify are to deliver a programme of tailored creative experiences, employ and empower professional artists and increase awareness of GHAT within NHSG users. The core of Amplify is the provision of playful, quality creative programmes of art that enrich each staff, patient and visitor experience.

One strand of Amplify is the Creative Mobile Unit.

The Creative Mobile Unit (CMU) was originally envisioned as a series of creative workshops delivered by professional artist on the Foresterhill Campus. With restrictions around COVID-19, all CMU sessions are now being delivered online to support NHSG staff. GHAT is working closely with NHSG in monitoring restrictions around onsite access.

GHAT is looking to commission a wide variety of artists from different backgrounds to explore the vast array of possibilities offered by CMU which can be accessed by NHSG staff. The workshops are designed around using low-cost materials with things you can find at home or in your workspace. The artist will be asked to deliver 4 individually tailored workshops over the period of the contract.

The artists will also work with the Amplify Project Manager to develop art packs of materials which will be delivered to the participants who request a CMU session. The packaging will be fully customised by the artist to reflect the theme of the workshop in question. GHAT will work alongside the artist to develop every single aspect of the packs.

Filmmaker Graeme Roger has been commissioned to work with the artist to create one workshop that can be accessed 24/7 through the GHAT website.

Applicants will need:

* knowledge of delivering workshops online
* understanding of current art practices
* experience of working with participants from a non-art background

Key delivery points:
The Artist will be commissioned to deliver 4 (FOUR) workshops in the following manner:

– One pre-recorded workshop
This workshop will be edited to no longer than 15 minutes, but filming will take longer. You will work with Graeme Roger, Amplify PM to work on the format, filming schedule and location. The workshop can be filmed in a space chosen by the artist, including The Suttie Arts Space.

– Two live-streamed workshops over Zoom or Microsoft Teams
These workshops can take up to an hour. The workshop will be advertised in advance and bookable. Each participant will be sent a pack of materials before the workshop starts to be used during the workshop. The session will be recorded and available to view online. The workshop can be delivered in a space chosen by the artist, including The Suttie Arts Space.

– One onsite session (if circumstances allow)
This workshop can take up to an hour. This workshop will take place in a Risk Assessed location within Aberdeen Royal Infirmary with no more than 8 participants. The workshops will be delivered in a location chosen by the participants and GHAT. If there is no possibility of the workshop taking place onsite before the project deadline, it will be moved online.

Please be aware that due to the changing restrictions around COVID-19 there may need to be slight amendments made to the contract in agreement with the artist.

The fee for each workshop is £150 plus materials, the total fee for this contract (4 workshops) is £600. The fee includes all research, development and delivery costs. Workshops materials will be supplied


Please note for your own safety during this project:

All workshops will have individual art packs prepared by the artist and Amplify PM for participants to use, materials will not be shared.

All workshops will be bookable to monitor and safeguard artists and participants (including the live-streamed session).

Online workshops are planned to start in March 2021.

This contract will run to the end of August 2021. The schedule will be worked out between the Artist and Amplify PM

Duration: March 2021- August 2021

Budget: £600 (inclusive of fee, travel & production costs). Workshops materials will be supplied.

The deadline for applications – Sunday 14th February 2021 5 pm
Interviews will take place – Monday 22nd February 2021

To apply for this position:
Apply by sending your proposal titled ‘CMU Artist Application’ to the following email address:

Applications must include the following:
• Current curriculum vitae
• At least 3 jpegs (1 MB each max) or link to a website of your most recent work
• 1-page workshop proposal – please highlight what you plan to do for each workshop and how you feel this will engage with NHSG staff

For all enquiries please contact