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In 2013 Jen Bradley graduated from Grays School of Art with a BA (Hons) in Painting. In 2012, while still studying, Jen was awarded the John Gray Legacy Award. Since graduating she has also been awarded the New Art Look to the North Award from the Smart Gallery, the Hospitalfield Graduate Residency, Aberdeen Visual Artist Award, where she was able to participate in the Emerging Artist Residency at the Scottish Sculpture Workshop. The casting techniques learned at SSW were invaluable and pivotal to the realisation of the work in ‘Classified’.

‘In the endeavour to illuminate the disregarded, I borrow the methods of the archivist and archaeologist when attempting to decipher, categorize and evaluate found material; remnants of a fleeting existence, remnants of a life once lived.

My practice is an investigation into a perception of simulacra by means of the palimpsest. With each copy, a devaluating act is conceived.’ Jen Bradley

Jen has worked with various arts organisations including the Aberdeen Art Gallery and Museums Archaeology project which enabled her to gain an understanding of archaeology processes, reinforcing her research and practice, The University of Aberdeen Special Collections, and Grampian Hospitals Art Trust ArtRoom project. She has also been commissioned by the AquaTerra Group to create a piece of work inspired by the company, which coincided with her studio practice.

Classified Opens Wednesday 17th September


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