C Smith Image cropped 35mmThe first exhibition of 2016 in The Small Gallery is ‘Up The Greenbrae Gourdas’ by Catherine Smith.  This will be her first solo exhibition since graduating from Gray’s School of Art in 2014.

Originally from Turriff, and now based in Aberdeen, Catherine’s work focuses on her surroundings and memories of spaces she has experienced in the past.  She studies the interior and exterior of these spaces, merging the two to create new landscapes.

I’ve taken old drawings and scraps which I like to bring to life by creating small pockets of activity where narratives and places evolve from my memory. I’ve made reference to multiple drawings simultaneously from sketchbooks and create places which I enjoying piecing together, layering and populating with objects that represent specific times in my life.”

After graduating, Catherine has shown her work in group exhibitions and has worked for various art organisations in Aberdeen including ACT Aberdeen, SMart and Grampian Hospital Arts Trust.