2023 GHAT Degree Show Exhibition Prize Exhibition
The Suttie Arts Space
26 May  – 21 July 2024

This exhibition features the work of two artists selected by GHAT for the annual Degree Show Graduate Exhibition Award. It features the work of Moira Downie of Moray School of Art in Elgin and Esther Helfor of Gray’s School of Art in Aberdeen.

Moira Downie

Moira Downie is a Moray based artist who graduated with a BA Fine Art (Hons). Born in the 1950s, her childhood was spent on a farm in a small rural community in Buchan. Through her work, Moira revisits her childhood to explore its relevance to contemporary culture.

Moira collects objects which, though they may be regarded as old junk by others, hold stories which relate to the community she grew up in. Moira uses a variety of processes and materials when making art work which highlight the age and deterioration of the objects she wishes to record.

By revisiting her past, Moira’s practice leaves her with a sense of longing for some of the values and beliefs that may be missing in society now.

On graduating Moira received the VAS Graduate Showcase Award, Moray School of Art Alumni Award and exhibited in RSA New Contemporaries 2024.

Esther Helfer

Esther Helfer is an Aberdeen based artist, who graduated from Gray’s School of Art with a BA (Hons) degree in Contemporary Art Practice (Fine Art). Esther specialised in sculpture and works with a variety of different materials and processes. She is interested in exploring the complex relationship humans have with nature.

Esther uses a combination of man-made and organic materials to create sculptures and installations that highlight the similarities and differences between the two elements. By playing with form in this way, Esther’s work considers the complexities and tensions that arise between the natural and the artificial.

Since graduating Esther has exhibited work with Growing Pains Gallery.