As part of the consultation process around the artwork being commissioned for this new NHSG facility, GHAT, and all 6 commissioned artists have been spending time on-site talking to staff, patients, and visitors who access and work in the wards and departments that will move into The Baird Family Hospital, as well as our arts funders partners, NHSG Project Team and 3rd sector partners.

The artists have all created a range of activities for people to do and asked a series of questions.

We now have these questions available for you to fill out online. To access them click on the buttons below if you want to have your say about any of the commissions for The Baird Family Hospital. Each of the buttons will take you to the questionnaire created by the artist to help inform the creation of their work.

The Baird Family Hospital Artists Questions

For more information about the Baird and ANCHOR Arts Project and the artists please go to the GHAT Baird Family Hospital Arts Project page;