22 May –  5 August 2024

​The Small Gallery, Aberdeen Royal Infirmary

Aymee Charlton is a textile artist from Aberdeen who graduated from Gray’s School of Art in 2012. She enjoys working with botanicals to create prints on silks and other natural materials to lower the environmental burden of her work. Aymee is also an NHS Grampian nurse, which she feels has a positive impact on her art practice.

“There is something quite evocative about fabric. It sits close to our bodies to keep us warm, we wear it to express our individuality, we use it to protect us from the elements of nature. A second skin.

The specialism of dermatology appealed to the textile artist in me because of the visual nature of the related conditions. Cloth and our skin relate through blemishes, texture and the way it can react by how we care for it or what we expose it to.

This body of work speaks of the beauty of imperfections through mark making with botanical printing techniques. The use of botanicals can provoke a sense of romanticism within my art, but ultimately underpinning the idea of care.

This exhibition is dedicated to our dear nursing colleague, friend and expert knitter Mary Fergus. She had a passion for the arts and textiles and will be greatly missed.

Botanical printing
This technique uses plant matter, from roots to flower, to create colour and print on fabric. It is an environmentally friendly way to apply colour and dye.

Instagram: @aymeejocharlton

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