To finish off April, the Collection team installed some work in Ashgrove House for the staff to enjoy. We measured up the space earlier in the year, before making a longlist of artwork based on a brief from one of our NHSG colleagues.  

With the final pieces confirmed, we headed over to Ashgrove House with a volunteer to assist with the install.  

We put up three coastal scenes – inviting a sense of calm reflection for anyone using the space. Frances Walker’s “Sunnyside Bay” nicely reflects the blue wall, and the white frames stand out against it. 

The artwork makes this little lunch nook a more invigorating and enjoyable place to be, the difference it makes is seen immediately. 

We then audited the rest of Ashgrove house, recording the locations of over a hundred artworks that GHAT manages there. There were some classic gems, including Frances Walker’s “Wester Ross” print, and some paintings by James Furneaux, Bob Batchelor, and Donald Addison.