Grampian Hospitals Art Trust SCIO is seeking coordinator for their successful ArtRoom Project which operates over four venues in NHS Grampian

Barbara1 - NeuroRehab - 24-04-13

Artroom project 

Artroom is an arts project which engages with patients, enhancing wellbeing by providing opportunities for participants to engage with a range of art forms. The project aims:

 To enable patients to discover and develop their individual creativity with the support of professional contemporary artists.

 To use engagement in creative activities to build self esteem and promote personal independence.

 To raise the profile of the benefits of creative activities in the NHS and beyond.

Artroom is an exciting arts project, which works directly with patients and families. This project enhances wellbeing by providing specially designed arts sessions for participants to engage with a range of art forms and enabling creative development and self-expression.

Project Coordinator Tasks 

Artists and NHSG staff 

The role of the Artroom project coordinator will be as the main contact with the artists and with the NHSG departments where the projects are running.

The main tasks of this brief are to:

 Act as team coordinator and supervisor keeping in regular contact with the artists assessing their needs and working with the team to overcome any concerns.

 Set up a cover artist system to support the projects

 Organise training and networking events with and for the artists both locally and with other projects in Scotland.

 Set up a communication system with the NHSG staff of the units to keep up the profile of the projects in their departments

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